Bottlebrush Buckeye var.”Serotina”


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A large shrub that spreads from root suckers, it is usually no more than 10′ tall. The cultivar “Serotina”
has 30″ inflorescences and blooms 2 weeks later than the species.

Few summer flowering shrubs can rival this one, and should be a part of every homeowners’ landscape.
Tolerates deep shade or full sun.

Native: Yes
Flower Color: white
Zones: 4-8
Growth Habit: shrub
Height: 10-15′
Spread: 10-15′
Light Needs: sun to shade
Flowering Season: Summer
Landscape Value 5 of 5
Naturalizing Value: 5 of 5
Pollen Value: 3 of 5
Nectar Value: 2 of 5
Water Requirements: medium