Catalpa, Northern (Catalpa speciosa)


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A favorite of bumblebees. Blooms from June into July, depending upon location
and micro-environment. Leaves have nectaries that attract ants and bees prior to bloom.
Said to be an important honey plant in some locations.
Individual florets are some of the most beautiful flowers in Michigan; panicles are 4-8″ long.
Nitrogen-fixing member of the bean family . Large bean pods and large leaves.

Flower Color: White with yellow and purple.
Zones: 4-9
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 50-60′
Spread: 20-40′
Light Needs: Sun
Flowering Season: Late Spring, Early Summer
Landscape Value: 1 of 5
Naturalizing Value: 4 of 5
Pollen Value: 2 of 5
Nectar Value: 2 of 5
Water Requirements: medium
Native: Yes
Invasive: No