Linden – European Littleleaf Linden (Tilia cordata)


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A European linden that makes an excellent landscape, street, and park tree.
Dependable honey and nectar source, producing water-white honey of the highest quality.
A more dependable bloomer than it’s cousin, the American Basswood, but not as large .
Often pruned into hedges in Europe.

Flower Color: White
Zones: 3-7
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 50-60′
Spread: 30-40′
Light Needs: Full sun to light shade
Flowering Season: Early summer
Landscape Value: 5 of 5
Naturalizing Value: 3 of 5
Pollen Value: 3 of 5
Nectar Value: 5 of 5
Water Requirements: medium
Native: Europe
Invasive: No