Oak, White (Quercus alba)


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Not a tree for the bees, but  one to have for birds and other wildlife.  A majestic, beautiful tree that can live for hundreds of years.  Plant it in a location that will honor its beauty and majesty for your children’s children.  Oaks support hundreds of species of insects,  most of which go unnoticed by the average homeowner.  However, they are not unnoticed by the birds, who gather them in great quantities to feed to their chicks. Even seed-eating birds feed soft-bodied insects to their chicks.  Insects can be in limited supply in highly-managed urban environments, and oaks are one of the best providers of the insect buffet.  White oaks produce acorns, eaten by many birds and mammals.  Best to boil them first to remove the tannins for human consumption.  The limbs provide shelter, shade, and habitat.  Entire ecosystems exist within the branches.

Zones 3-9

Prefers acid soil, pH 5.5 to 6.5

Height 60-80′

Width 75-100′

Fall color is brown to red to burgundy.

Pollen value  Not much.  1 of 5

Nectar value  0 of 5

Native Yes

Invasive No