Summersweet – Hummingbird (Clethra alnifolia)


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2 Gallon

The cultivar “Hummingbird” has been observed to be the best all-around Clethra in terms of attractiveness to pollinators, from hummingbirds to native bees, to moths and honey bees.  The dark brown seed capsules will attract birds during the autumn. Blooms for 3-5 weeks with fragrant, white flowers. Blooms mid- July to Mid-August. Very Hardy, prefers well-drained, high organic soil, but tolerates wet soil too. Grows in Sun to shade, but prefers dappled shade. One of the finest compact flowering shrubs.  Best results are obtained when they are planted in a large “scape” of plants, offering maximum attractiveness to pollinators.  The name comes from it’s development by Mr. Fred Galle, who planted it along Hummingbird lake in Georgia.  Ironically, hummingbirds find it extremely attractive. The fragrance is tremendous, and the flowers provide good bee pasture.  This is one of the finest native shrubs.

Flower Color: White
Zones: 3-9
Growth Habit: Shrub
Height: 2-4′
Spread: 3-5′
Light Needs: Sun-Shade
Flowering Season: Summer.  Sometimes the flowers totall cover the foliage
Landscape Value: 5 of 5
Naturalizing Value: 5 of 5
Pollen Value: 2 of 5
Nectar Value: 3 of 5
Water Requirements: all but drought
Native: species native
Invasive: no