Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor)


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Not a tree for the bees, but  one to have for birds and other wildlife.  A majestic, beautiful tree that can live for hundreds of years.  This is an oak of river bottoms and along streams, and requires acidic soil.  The leaves differ from their cousins, the white oaks.  The biggest distinction is a dark green top surface and a whitish, sometimes fuzzy, underside. Lobes may be missing or reduced.

Birds need insects for their young, but in highly-managed urban environments insects suitable for birds can be in limited supply , and oaks are one of the best providers of the insect buffet.  Swamp oaks produce acorns, eaten by many birds and mammals.  The limbs provide shelter, shade, and habitat.  Entire ecosystems exist within the branches. Excellent drought resistance.

Zone 4-8

Soil  Low pH required.

Height 50-60′

Width 50-60′

Fall color yellow-bronze

Pollen 1of 5

Nectar 0