Honeytree Nursery

Owned by a Certified Arborist and beekeeper, Honeytree Nursery’s goal is to plant pollinator trees and care for trees using the safest methods and as little chemicals as possible

Our tree inventory is in short supply this year as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. The website inventory is up to date with all available trees, shrubs, and bushes. We will be also be doing limited sales at participating speaking events. Thank you for supporting Honetree Nursery as we navigate these unprecedented times. 

Shipping is currently unavailable until Fall. 

Save A Bee. Plant A Tree

Two mature basswood trees can produce as much nectar as an acre of sweet clover.
  Which one will fit in your yard?  Trees are some of the best food sources for our pollinators. 

Services Provided


  • Integrated Pest Management for Trees

  • Tree Disease Diagnosis and Environmentally Conscious Treatments 

  • Consultation for Homes, Farms, and Municipalities

  • Custom Wetland Mitigation

  • Complete Condominium & Apartment Arboriculture – Tree Planting, Pest Control, Pruning and Maintenance.

Honeytree Nursery In The News

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