I have been an ISA Certified Arborist since 1998. Being an Arborist and a nursery grower, as well as a beekeeper for more than 50 years has provided me with a unique understanding of  trees, plants, and bees.

I tell my clients that I am a tree physician, not a tree mortician! We do not take down many trees, rather, my goal is to prevent trees from having to be removed in the first place. We attempt to accomplish this through a process called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) where we use as few chemicals as possible, and use them in a responsible way (primarily through injections). If a spray is necessary, it is applied while being aware of any pollinators and other vulnerable species that spray may affect. Treatment is  sometimes delayed or protocols changed if the application may harm bees, birds, aquatics, etc.

We treat Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, Gypsy Moth, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA), and many others diseases.

In addition to treating trees, I consult and advise municipalities, condominium and neighborhood associations regarding long-term management strategies  such as disease prevention and treatment, performing tree inventories, and tree planting.

Trees are the single largest source of pollen and nectar for pollinators throughout most of the U.S.  Bees need trees for Spring build-up, for population growth, and for a honey crop. Trees are often overlooked as nectar sources, so we are passionate about spreading the word to beekeepers, educators, and garden groups.

If you ever have a request or a question, call me directly at 616-293-5318, click on the link at the top of the page to follow us on Facebook, or email me at

Thank You, and have a great season!

Mike Connor