Chinese Chestnut (Castanea mollissimi)


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Heavy early Summer bloomer. Used as a substitute for American Chestnut as a nut and wildlife food. Resistant, but not immune to Chestnut blight. Not for use in a high-traffic area because of the abundant fruit drop, which is covered with spines and surrounded by competing turkeys, deer, and squirrels. Beautiful yellow fall leaves. Usually blooms when American Basswood blooms.

Flower Color: Pale yellow to cream

.Zones: 4-8

Growth Habit: Tree

Height: 40-60′

Spread: 40-60′

Light Needs: Sun to part shade

Flowering Season: Late June, early July.

Landscape Value: 1 of 5

Naturalizing Value: 5 of 5

Pollen Value: 2 of 5

Nectar Value: 3 of 5

Water Requirements: medium

Native: Korea, China, introduced 1853

Invasive: No