Red Horsechestnut ‘Briotii’ (Aesculus x carnea)


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3 Gallon, 2-3” tall.   A hybrid of two European varieties, this tree is one of the most popular trees in England.  This is a rare case where the hybrid is more attractive to bees than either parent species. It has good, disease resistant foliage and outstanding flowers. Readily visited by bees, both honey bees and native bees.  Makes an excellent street tree, lawn tree, or border tree.  A line of these along a driveway is spectacular site in the spring.

Flower Color: Pink with yellow throat on a 6-8″ panicle.
Zones: 4 to 7
Growth Habit: Medium
Height: 25- 35′
Spread: 20-25′
Light Needs: Sun
Flowering Season: Spring
Landscape Value: 5 of 5
Naturalizing Value: n/a
Pollen Value: 2 of 5
Nectar Value: 2 of 5
Water Requirements: Medium
Native: Europe
Invasive: No